Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Santa Monica 50K Trail run

Sunday Nov22, 2009

This was familiar ground for me having run the Xterra Pt.Mugu trail run this year. The PCT group uses almost the same trail as Xterra although the Xterra runs are smaller and have more aid stations with less separation. I would say that they are more suited for the average or casual runner. On the other hand, the PCT group hosts more ultras and they are quite abit more layed back, a great group.
There were many TrailHeadz running today, I didnt realize how many until I later reviewed our website and spoke with a few of them- note to self - recognize recognize recognize.......

It was a beautiful day to run...even after just returning from Nashville TN; jet lag sucks but I managed........ Treadmills at the hotel suck even more but I ran 20+ while working which was a good prep for this run.

This run consists of a few good hill grades mainly in the beginning with a good one in the middle to reach the halfway point which tend to create the initial seperation of runners, its a great run though creek beds, hill sides, and wheat grass culminating at a single track 2.5 mile climb and downhill to the finish. All in all it is definitely a race to put on next years calendar. 30+miles and feeling great with no cramps or major issues, jet lag only.... dang work trips :)

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