Sunday, November 1, 2009

To the Top of Santiago Peak....

This morning was my final warm-up run for my upcoming Eco-Catalina run in two weeks; so I pulled myself out of bed and met some TrailHead Friends at the BlueJay campgrounds right off Ortega highway.

The Main divide trail is really only a fireroad fairly exposed and rocky, there had been water dropped about 5 miles into the run. If time is available and given the opportunity we hide arrowhead bottles off the trail and marked with ribbons, I'm carrying a 100oz. Hydration pack along with a hand held 22oz. bottle so I'll be ok; I barely drink water water anyway........its something I'm working on.
Today was perfect, clear skys with a slight can see Catalina and beyond! As we began to run it was cool but within minutes we were shedding extra clothing. I continued on to run to Santiago peak which is a 12mile run from Bluejay (One Way). All total 24 miles and as I ran back to the car I was feeling pretty good. From here its
a taper until Catalina... bring it on.

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