Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A 27.75 Mile FUN run!!! What!

Sat.Nov 28,2009
Alarm.....BZZZZZZZZ.....Damn alarm!, I read once that a person should ( In one continuous motion) get out of bed and smile. Just smile. You can think whatever you want but I've done this for a long time and I believe it works. Start your day off with a smile, dont hesitate to get out of bed....take the initiative do it and smile!......... screw that!!, I thought, as I instinctively got out of bed and smiled....Damn! did it again. Ha Ha Ha

At 4:45 on a Saturday most of you are soundly chewing on logs, dreaming of things that your going to forget about the moment you wake up; I'm still jealous, and yeah..still smiling. I'm running today and it should be a good one.

The group has decided that we'll tackle a route used in a local race here, the Twin Peaks Ultra run, in combination with the race preparation for Chimera 100k I thought ... why not!

Indian Truck Trail 6.5 miles of continuous uphill, Main Divide to Holy Jim amazing downhill, then back up Horsetheif trail...Super sucky 1.5 miles, back on the Main Divide to Indian Truck and down again to the cars. (with alot of running in-between).

The run was amazing!, it had just rained that morning...mist and fog were in the air which made it almost mystical in some of the lower valley portions. As you increased in altitude the clouds took over and you were caught gazing at the landscape, full of color...what a view. As you run along these single tracks you are taking in both soft and vibrant greens, shrowded in patches of fog. Suddenly your eyes are struck with the loud vibrant colors of a few of the native trees displaying bright yellow and orange leaves, just amazing.
We had water hidden in a few areas to refill our bottles which made it much easier to plan, thanks to Keira who is always beyond prepared.
By the end we had run 27.75 miles and felt tired..but great!, good freinds, good run......nothing more needed.

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