Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Friday, June 3, 2011

San Diego 100 – Update 2 – We are not alone…

San Diego 100 – Update 2 – We are not alone…

I’ve officially secured a pacer for the SD100, I’m pretty pumped! Last years solo attempt didn’t work out to well so I needed someone with the intestinal fortitude to tell me off and get me back on the trail when I begin to mingle and waste time… Rachael Kadell is the lucky pacer and I’m confident that she will do nothing short of kick my A$$.

So I’m ready now, a slight taper next week, no hills, and that’s it.

I’ve decided to carry my Nathan pack but sans water, I will carry water bottles for both water and mix and that should be sufficient.

My training up till now has been fairly strong, I’ve put in some good mileage mixed with speed and hill work so we’ll just take it one stride at a time.

I plan on documenting this one with as much detail as I can pictures and all so when this tread finishes it will finish with my final SD100 summary. Cant wait. Just run.