Monday, December 7, 2009

Brooks Cascadia Trail Shoes

Company Description:

  • Cushioned for running on tough trails, Brooks Cascadia 4 shoes feature adaptable posts to adjust to terrain irregularities and provide stability.

  • Durable synthetic leather/polyester mesh uppers with microfiber overlays are lightweight and airy for quick drying and quick draining

  • Polyester linings absorb and disperse moisture for enhanced comfort; removable insoles add cushioning

  • BioMoGo midsoles feature a special polymer compound formulated to resist compression and rebound more quickly than standard EVA Midsoles also feature a natural additive that encourages faster breakdown in landfills

  • Medial and lateral Pivot Posting system helps outsoles adapt, offering stability on uneven surfaces
    Silicone-based HydroFlow® system at heels and forefeet features fluid-filled center chambers that damp shock

  • Forefoot Ballistic Rock Shields protect feet from sharp rocks

  • HPR Green outsoles are made of high-density carbon rubber for outstanding durability and feature aggressive lugs for maximum trail bite

Performance Review:

I've waited awhile for this review; these shoes now are not new to me....after a good 400 miles of every imagineable running surface I'm ready to talk! and its all good.

The Brooks Cascadias were choosen after much consideration....they were not my first choice afterall. I was looking for something more mountainous, more adventurous....ok more stylish. But I've also been a true fan of comfort..... odd being that I choose Ultra running isnt it.....

These shoes are comfort out of the gate, they ride lower on the ankle and together with cusioning and the gentle all round foot support are one of the most comfortable shoes that I own. I've now ran the moutains of California in addition to the Grand Canyon in these shoes and at no time have I ever felt like I was held back in anyway. The designed tread is not intrusive, it allows for a very nice ride while being supprisingly tough on those slippery areas.

These shoes provide plenty of ventilation and the toe box has room without sacraficing stability. I've read a few reviews lately that mention these allowing dust into the toe box, its true, but should also be expected. Ventilation is important; if you dont want on asphalt...

I run marathons with Saucony and Asics but for now I will run Ultra Trails with the Brooks Cascadia.

Score 9 of 10

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