Sunday, December 6, 2009


Company Description: Proven in the simplest and most extreme conditions, the Performance series tetratsok is becoming the choice interface for amateur and professional athletes alike. Engineered with AIS: technology and constructed with a wicking fiber made of CoolMax® and a resistant outer shell of durable nylon, the Performance tetratsok protects, prevents and out performs any ordinary tube closed sport sock.

Performance Review: While walking through REI recently I saw these and remembering conversations while running concerning socks I was compelled to purchase these for an upcoming 100k long training run.

It was 5:00am when I first slipped into my first pair of Injinji's; they actually felt pretty good...strange at first to be honest but pretty comforting really, OK..ready to hit the trails!

During the run these socks are very comfortable; their design is easy on the toes and really allow for some pretty serious toe comfort. I've had issued with long runs and toe punishment in the past so I was apprehensive, these socks really suprised me and actually gave me a more secure confident feeling....I guess I felt more buckled down..each toe ready to go!

After 15 miles of hard running, dirt, hills and all I was very happy and now probably a convert....what am I gonna do with all those old "regular" socks now......

Score: 9 of 10 (not sure if anything will make 10) I would recommend these to anyone.

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  1. I wear my Injinji Socks underneath my Vibram FiveFingers! Love them! I can still experience the barefooting experience in my FiveFingers but my feet are kept warm and blister free!