Wednesday, September 2, 2009

To run on solid ground

After work yesterday I had one of those urges; yeah, the kind that makes your feet bounce around at your desk - no, restrooms were not involved. Running was on my mind and I knew that I had my gear stored in my car today, ready for anything I thought.

I promptly left early 3:00 is early for me although for some reason I got in early today.... almost as if I know what I was going to do. My plan was to hit Peters Canyon this afternoon, temps were about 85 degrees and the smoke from the Los Angeles area fires really hadnt affected us due to wind direction.

Once I arrived I was pumped; at least 10 today, I'll decide about the degree of hills that will be tacked but I knew I wanted to get mileage. What!, I rumaged through my gear again...How!, Damn....... I left my essential clothes in the dryer this morning; go figure.

I was still determined to run but it looked like my dirt running was done for today so I blasted home; 15 minutes later I arrived and darted in to get dressed. I was dressed and out in about 5 minutes and hit the road from my house. I'm experimenting by listening to my Mp3 player....a digital book this time, interesting effect, if its an interesting book of course. the roads are hard, Im used to the soft impact of dirt, the roads are smooth and consistent, Im used to the bumps and changes of the trail. Ive almost forgotten how dramatically different they are. 8 miles in now, Ive been running the river trail, a local river trail that runs through a park called Hart Park and beyond; back onto sidewalks and through driveways along the City shopping mall. Running strong past females and cars waiting for lights, tying to impress everyone with my smooth strong stride ha ha ha.... back into society and impression first. The trail is unique, it is usually just you, no one to impress, everything to take in........ running through the city makes me miss it.

Back towards home 11 miles even and done. My feet feel pounded more that they have on trails, my old injuries remind me distantly with small aches.. probably from the consistant running surfaces; no changes to shift muscle focus while running I guess. The trails have really taken me, I run stronger now due to the trails and have a greater appreciation for the love of running when Im on them........... solid ground for soft trails; a trade I'd make anyday!

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