Saturday, September 26, 2009

Back to Los Pinos to find a friend in need.

I've been missing for a few days, a few runs, a few blogs but remember....this is gonna take time. I'm not a diary person and its not easy to express myself sometimes, things just take time.

Wednesday was a troubling day for me.....Im tired now and look forward to hitting the bed and doing some recovery..mentally and physically. I need to explain, so we'll go back a day... hang-on.


Its Tuesday now and I've just come back from Peters canyon, a 7 mile quickie up along the ridge along with tackling the monster hill ( which I didnt stop running up ). The Sunday prior I had just joined a new group of Trail runners called Trail Headz, I'm excited about this group because they seem to be just as crazy as I am when it comes to running...... anyway back to the story..

I went online to the TZ site and was shocked to find that one of the member Ultra Runners was missing after running the same Los Pinos run that I had just completed!, after some contact we had a conference call to see what we could do as a group. We determined that because dogs were going to be involved that we didnt want to get in the way, the search was set for early morning Wed.

The next day I packed my running gear up and was ready for anything, it was good because the dogs didnt show! and we were all motivated to help find her! I left work immediatelly!... so then we collectively forced ourselves on the search and rescue force, our experience and capability are impossible to ignore right!.. well to keep this short we hiked/ran those trails in groups looking for her, calling for her.

Thankfully we found her, actually the helicopter found her on a ledge and she was alive! thank god! Shes in the hospital right now and recovering, I couldnt be happier and I'd do it in a second for any other runner out there now; because after experiencing that...I know theyd do it for me.Then I went to bed! :)

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