Thursday, September 10, 2009

40 and Counting..tick...tick...tick

I've been reading alot lately, dont know why exactly....I've always been pretty stuborn when it comes to advice about running but lately I've been reading......

At 40+ years they .... (they being whoever might have been writing the article at the time.....yes "they" might be over 40; not sure...) They.. suggest that you begin to taper your workouts to allow for ample time in recovery a 1 to 1 ratio of workouts to days off (recovery), then a 1 to 2, then a 1 to 3 until your pretty much just sitting on the couch wiggling your toes in fear of hurting yourself.... or so it seems..

now remember.... on top of all this we also must consider suppliments and shoes, shoes... should all of these elements change as we age graciously; yes, why not. At least...according to whomever you might be reading at the time. Crazy this running thing... and I though all I had to do was put on some shoes, face a direction and move!

As I progress in blogging I've decided to add some educational information and links to allow me to go beyond just gabbing to myself.....who knows....... someone might accidentally stumble on to it.. :)

I'm going running today, small run warm up to Saturday 23mile San Jan/Los Pinos loop with OCTR, Bill Ramsey and gang, should be interesting.

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