Monday, September 28, 2009

Point Mugu - XTERRA 18k -

Sunday, 27th 2009

No Ipods or MP3 Players! What!! dont they know thats an extention of my head while running. How is a person able to get up those hills and maintain without the sounds of head slamming rock bouncing between your ears!

Fine....Its left in the car....

I arrived at 5:30am to find that I was the first to get there!, my choice of prime PCH parking hurray! That was good because by 7:00 there was a line as far as you could see down PCH and even with a shuttle; it would suck to be them!

I was pumped today, I felt good, it was early and cool and I had drank plenty of water to prepare for this run.... I was ready! Down a protein bar early and take in some liquids... I had the time so I tried to prepare; wait! this is only an 18k run 11miles...cha! no problem.

The race started on time 8:30am and off we go racing down the drive toward the first of the single tracks...then bottleneck! I need to start faster just to avoid the pain of shuffling up the first hill at break neck speeds of mach nothing!! it took some time but we finally managed to dance around many of the slower runners and began a much stronger pace.
The hills are not that bad here, from overhearing others I had anticipated much worse, so I continued to run fairly strong; always holding back alittle in preparation for a tough hill that never came!!!!! The final couple miles are all downhill and the trail lends itelf to a very fast pace...not much bouldering at all; in fact very smooth.
Over all a very fun run although I wish that I had reached the first uphills without interference; oh well, next time.. Stronger, faster.

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