Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chimera 100K / 100M Trail Run

Tuesday 8,2009
Like so many of my trail running friends I've got the bug......no no dont worry not the BUG BUG; but the distance bug. The allure of challenging yourself and pushing your abilities to the limits has taken me....its all good...really.

I've recently signed up for a local race here in the Santa Ana Mountains the "Chimera 100", although I'm pretty pumped up and race ready the weather here has turned for the worse. With temperatures falling and a light covering of snow in the local mountains its now going to be a very challenging 100k run...(like it wasn't going to be already).

Whats strange is my desire to run the 100 mile version .. What the ?!#$!$...sorry but ever since I joined the TrailHeadz the distance enthusiasm has worn off on me. These guys and gals are a true inspiration and I'm glad that I have felt that same enthusiasm.......Bring it on... :)

I'm running today as a taper only an easy 6-7miles, a run possibly tomorrow and then rest, rest and run!!! Cant wait.

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