Monday, October 12, 2009

Lets Catch Up.....5 days till GC

Logged over 55 miles this week which is ok, the key being that they were mostly mountainous miles, dirt, climbs and downhills.

I hooked up with Mike Ramsey once more and ran 14m through El Morro/Laguna Canyon trails... it was my first time coming into El Morro from the Laguna Canyon side, pretty cool.

I've been mentally going over notes, physically writing them down and continually reading materials all pertaining to the Grand Canyon R2R2R run. It can get a little overwhelming if you continually wrap your mind around this run; so... once my shopping list is complete I'm going to forget about it............uh huh..stay tuned.

I did find a nice Camelbak hydration back at our local Big 5 store, its called the Blowfish because it expands nicely; many compartments will be welcomed for this run. I was proud of myself because when I saw it I noticed that it didnt have a mouthpeice attached, must've got lost somewhere. initially I left it last week; but came back hoping it was still there, IT was! using my shopping skills (not) it called the manager over and discussed my dilema, my desire for this poor pack but my concern with never being able to find a replacement mouthpiece. 89.00 pack reduced to 32.50 DEAL! a quick trip to our local mountain bike store and purchase of a 5.00 replacement mouthpiece and Done! kinda proud of should be too!... :)

Anyway, I'm loading it with essentials, 250 calories per hour is my target in addition to suppliments and just plain old pacing and enjoyment, mixed in with a little pain and torchure...cant wait!!!!! 5 DAYS!!!!

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