Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fully Recovered and none the wiser....

Feeling very good, muscles aren't sore and attitute isn't adjusted so I'm good. I've got a few runs coming up that are in my sights, first is the eco-marathon on Catalina Island; second is the Santa Monica Mtns 50k shortly thereafter.........i'm excited, bring em on.

A few members of my running club are preparing themselves for the Chimera 100k/100mile ultra run in our local moutains; dont worry .. not in my sights, but there will be a few prep runs that include a night run through the Cleveland National Forest! I'm running this run!, its gonna be pretty hairy, pretty scary, but pretty cool!

If you've never run with only a headlamp leading the way through forestry then you are probably better off... ha ha ha ... very cool though, and hey its only a 9 mile run in the dark.

Well gotta go....... lots of running to do in the mean time! 6 miles today at Peters Canyon and up early tomorrow for a longer early morning run there also....... 15miles (yawn)
P.S. Gotta take more pics :)

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