Friday, May 27, 2011

San Diego 100 - update 1 - Enlightened

San Diego 100 - update 1 - Enlightened

Last year I had attempted to run the SD100, I was headstrong and independent, turns out I was just unprepared and alone when I shouldn’t have been. I ran a pretty strong race but ran into issues when I ate to much “roast beef sandwich” midway through my attempt.

I had spent the day pushing the pace when I should’ve been monitoring it and conserving; these mistakes tend to build up mile by mile in a 100 and by 60 I had regretted the fact that I didn’t recruit a friend for pacing duties. As I strolled , limped, crawled into the 80 mile station “sunrise” I had all but convinced myself to sit the remaining mileage out…. I said “ I think I’m done”………silence. With no pacer to offer a stubborn rebuttal my mind had won and I was done.

This year is a bit different, I’ve gone a whole year with the “What if’s” and I’m tired of em. I signed up for San Diego 100 and have been training and planning my offensive maneuvers around the 100 beast. This time armed with a pacer and partial crew, probably the same person … I plan on putting this one to bed.

My mileage is consistent and its remained at around 75-80 miles a week, overtraining in mileage has never helped me so I’m comfortable with the training so far.

I also plan on adding twitter to the blog so that I can record every fun filled mile as I go!..yay…

I’m running Los Pinos on Saturday for training run which is a pretty brutal trail run just by itself, will go moderately slow being that I need to start thinking about a logical taper and all….. I’m stubborn that way so we’ll see…. This is the first of a few SD100 updates…


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