Monday, January 25, 2010

I love the snow...but you've gotta work to get to it.

I ran back up the Harding Truck Trail this morning with a few friends, it was a great morning, clean, fresh; man its nice to be out in the mountains again after that long rain. Running through the mountains after a good rain......Its a different feeling that I cant explain with only words, maybe weird to some but others that run or hike would understand. You can feel it in every stride; you can breathe it in and its....its just so refreshing.

I've recently just been up Harding so I'm very familiar with the condition of the mountain prior to the rains. Today as I ran I saw the power of nature, road that was washed away; gouged and torn by the force of water....really amazing.

After about 7 miles I began to ear my footfalls...louder...crunching against my stride; so cool.

Frost turns to light snow, light snow fades to white and before I know it we're running in fairly deep snow! luckily its still early and we are on the protected side of the mountain... the snow is crisp and is holding our weight as we run; remember to run on rice paper...

After around 2 miles we reached the Main Divide and looked upon the snow covered mountain ranges; it was a painting.. now it time to run downhill!!

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